What Are Isokern Fireplaces?

Do you know what Isokern fireplaces are? If you’re curious, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn a brief overview about them.

Isokern-style fireplaces are taking the aesthetic levels of many homes to new places. These particular products are made from some of the purest and cleanest pumice anywhere in the world, specifically extracted out of the Mt. Hekla volcano of Iceland. They’re a combination of luxury and elegance that still have a tinge of traditional fireplaces. You can usually customize them so they are designed to fit your own requirements and tastes. As such, architects and their clients love Isokern products to create highly inspired designs that connect owners with the raw and natural beauty that fire has.

There are quite a few options you can usually get with them, including vented log sets such as charred hickory, summit pine, and sandhill oak, depending on the provider. You might even get a remote control that has electronic ignition for precision control.

Other options include cast iron grates that hold your logs in the proper place so you have great ventilation. You even have a fine chimney finishing touch with European coppery chimney pots available in many styles. There are also decorative steel chimney pots and decorative clay chimney pots.

These kinds of fireplaces make a lot of homes look like they should belong on HGTV or even in magazines, so if you’re using either source as a place of ideas for designing your dream home, then you might have already seen Isokern options more times than you can count. Not only stylish, but they also have a number of energy-efficient features too.

Now that you’ve read this content, you should have a better idea what Isokern fireplaces. Consider what you’ve read when thinking about designing your next home or upgrading your current one.