How You Can Find Wassily Kandinsky Paintings For Sale

Have you been searching for Wassily Kandinsky paintings for sale but have no clue were to even begin your search. We fully understand how difficult it can be to find paintings from this famous Russian painter and theorist. However, if you know where to look and know exactly what you want, it should not be that difficult of a task. In fact, we are going to share a few tips of the trade to ensure you have all the right information needed to get your hands on that perfect Wassily Kandinsky painting!

One of the first things you are going to need to do is some simple research. This is going to be especially true if you just recently discovered Kandinsky through an art museum or internet search. You will want to get a better idea of his works and make sure you know what would fit your particular style. For example, you may have only seen and fallen in love with The Blue Rider from 1903. And if you focused your attention solely on that work you might miss Several Circles or Dominant Curve. These are works from later in his career that you may love just as much. So our first piece of advice is to research all his work and focus either on a particular painting or style that you enjoy.

Now that you know pretty much the general style and you may even have a good idea of what painting you want to try to acquire, you need to decide on a budget. In addition, is this a painting you are looking at as an investment or to simply enjoy. While it is possible to do both upon the same time, it is always wise to have a general idea in mind. One must consider the fact that a Kandinsky painting was sold at auction for 30 million dollars. While not all of his paintings are going to fetch that amount of money, some can be rather high. So take the time to research general prices to get a decent idea of how much you will be expected to pay.

Finally, to find the perfect Wassily Kandinsky paintings for sale, you may have to do some hunting. Many times they are not just going to show up on eBay! You will have to visit some estate sales, auctions, and even online retailers. Of course, you can always search for prints, which will be a more cost effective and faster solution.