Bedbugs are small, reddish-brown insects which feed on blood. They are usually called them vampires insect because they live in dark places and they are active at night. The size of this creature is usually compared to the size of an apple seed. These insects can’t fly, but rather move slowly on surfaces. Bedbugs do not transmit any disease despite the fact that their bite can cause rashes for you. Bedbugs are a nuisance to their habitat due to the fast rate of reproduction. An average female can lay over one hundred eggs in her lifetime. And it is not as if she would be the only bedbug laying eggs.

Having bedbugs in your house is not a sign of dirtiness due to the fact that they feed on blood. There is a very high chance that you will find bedbugs in extremely neat houses as well as very dirty houses. Bedbugs enter the house undetected through luggage, clothing, used beds, clothes, and other items. Unlike bees, termite, ants, wasp etc. Bedbugs they do not build nests but rather they live together in groups in hidden places. With their flat body shape, they can fit into anywhere. 

Most people that are not aware of insects called bedbugs tend to mistake bedbug bite as mosquito bite below are a few tips to help you differentiate bedbug bite from a mosquito and other blood-sucking insect bites. Wherever bedbugs are, they often give signs of their presence five of the most common signs are as follows include:

Bloodstain on your bedsheet; 

Dark and rusty excrete on your sheets.

An offensive odor from the bug’s scent glands; wherever bedbugs are, they happen to leave a pungent smell. Most reports indicate that it is a musty, sickly-sweet smell, compared often to coriander, almonds, or raspberries that are on the verge of rotting.

Physical evidence; The best method to verify your suspicions is to check your bed for a bedbug.

Shells or Molted Skins; Immature bedbugs are called Nymph and, they shed their skin five times before they reach maturity. They require a blood meal before every shedding. When the conditions are right the nymph can develop in as short as one month.


Get an exterminator; bedbugs are really difficult to eradicate. That’s why it’s usually recommended to always seek help from your professional bedbug control companies near Hickory NC. The annoying thing is after all you have done if a few survive all your effort is wasted. Because they will just reproduce and continue from where they left off. 

Launder should your bedsheet hot water 

Dismantle the bed frame, spring or whatever elevates your bed from the floor.

Remove bed drawers and literally any drawer you can lay your hands on in the room that is infested.

Go to your pest control shop and a chemical that you can dilute in water to readily kill bedbug. Use the prescribed chemical to clean the infested room and the whole house just to be on the safer side. You should clean the everything that is cleanable (tables, chairs and any furniture you can lay your hands on). The reason you should clean the whole house is because bedbug readily spread to the neighboring rooms in the house as they reproduce. Remember if one survives all your effort was wasted so you should do this consecutively.

Buy active guard liners; these guards have been created to kill bedbugs that come in contact with it.

Buy mattress safe encasement; using this on your beds prevent new bedbugs from entering and stops old ones from escaping from it.