Trends in Bathroom Renovations with Deco Smart

With a filtering inspiration in spas and hotels, the modern bathroom is now designed to incorporate the luxury features of these places into the contemporary home. The focus is on relaxing and let the stress go, the bathroom now serving as a refuge rather than a purely functional space. This has placed the bathrooms up on the list of spaces to be renovated in the contemporary house. But what tips and ideas should you consider when renovating your bathroom? Deco Smart will tell you!


Bathroom storage is crucial for toiletries, medications and laundry. This is usually in the form of a vanity that houses your sink, or if you need additional built-in space or independent cabinets that can give you extra flexibility.


The baths have become rounder in shape reflecting the new trend, inspired by the natural environment. If you have enough space, an autonomous bath is a centerpiece and a focal point. There is also a trend to new luxury thermal baths that soften and facilitate tired muscles.


White is still very much the color palette of choice in the bathroom, with darker accents used on the floor or cabinets to add contrast. Deep brown, grays and blacks, often in a glossy finish, are also used to add warmth to the modern bathroom.


Tiles still dominate the bathroom floor, with darker shades adding a sense of luxury and contrasting with lighter walls. If your bathroom is small, consider lighter tiles to match the walls – this will give you the illusion of more space. Underfloor heating is also a smart thing to consider.


Lighting is essential to enhance the mood of any bathroom, and here you have to consider the task, mood and general sources when planning your renovation. Recessed LEDs are popular as a form of ambient lighting, offering high efficiency energy and low maintenance.


If you’re looking to increase the space in your bathroom, frameless and semi-frameless showers should be at the top of your shopping list. Open showers, where there is no door, needs proper drainage.  Chromo therapy is also becoming the latest innovation in the therapeutic shower. The showers feature different colored lights to heal and help boost your mood, by adjusting the chakra patterns in your body.


Contemporary faucets are all about looking good while saving on your water bill, with an innovative design now giving you a virtually infinite range of styles. Even the largest showerheads are now designed to disperse water with air bubbles, so you save water without any compromise. If you replace the faucets, choose one that fits the design.