Signs You Need To Replace Your Roof

Most people think that it’s just enough that they got a roof over their heads. However, when it leaks, then that roof is never enough. In that case, you’ll be needing the best Long Island roofer that you can find. If you’re not doing a regular roof inspection at least twice a year, you’re putting your roof at risk. Here are some signs that will tell you that you’ll need to replace your roof.

Cracked Patches And Misplaced Shingles

When you see a number of shingles that are not lying flat on the roof, then the roof is no longer in shape. Also, if you see buckling or damaged patches and cracked ones, then you’re definitely replacing this roof soon. If you’re not sure whether your roof actually needs repairs or a total replacement, then get a professional to check it.

Rotting Boards

When you have a sagging roof that droops, then it certainly needs a replacement. This is a result of too much moisture trapped on the surface of the roof. The trapped moisture eventually rots the boards. When you have softened wood and sagging spots, you know what’s going to happen next. The lowest points of the roof that are rotting are a sign that you’re replacing it soon.

Unwanted Plant Growth

Although moss can look great in your garden, it doesn’t look right on your roof. Every Long Island roofer will tell you that moss on your roof spells nothing but trouble. Moss, fungi, and certain types of mold grow because of trapped moisture. Remove the moss in your roof with a stiff brush. Check out the shaded corners because that’s where you usually find unwanted plant and fungal growth.

Curling Shingles

Curling shingles are an indication of leaks. The curling shingles show that there was no proper alignment in the first place or they’re worn out. It’s also possible that no one installed them correctly, or your attic has poor ventilation. If there are curling shingles and you’re not sure about it, ask a professional roofer.

Missing Gutter Apron

If you have gutters on your roof, but you got no gutter apron to hold or stop the water, the gutter will suffer. That will eventually lead to rotting of the fascia and the roof sheathing. A missing gutter apron is certain, especially if you see water stains right below the gutter. The technique could be a gradual replacement of the roof.

Some Last Words

Get the best Long Island roofer to fix your roof or to check its condition. Only a respectable roofer can tell you whether you need to replace the roof gradually or all at once. Thus, it’s not enough to just have a roof over your head. Make sure that it’s also a good one.