A Discussion On The Different Types Of Physical Therapy Virginia Beach Treatments


Physical therapists use many different types of physical therapy Virginia Beach treatments when it comes to treating and rehabilitating their patients. These therapists treat many different health issues such as overuse injuries, back pain, problems moving various limbs, osteoarthritis etc. So, to give you a better understanding of their job, we will now look at some of the different types of treatments they offer.

First, we will start with hot and cold therapy. This type of therapy is very effective since cold treatments work by reducing swelling and inflammation by constricting the blood vessels. Hot therapy is good for increasing movement and even reduction of pain. The heat actually helps your muscles to move more easily which can help the therapist to stretch your muscles and tendons. Another type of physical therapy is manual therapy where the physical therapist uses his or her hands to stretch, massage and manipulate your body and muscles. This type of therapy is extremely effective and is the main core of physical therapy.

Laser therapy is another very popular physical therapy treatment where the therapist uses actual lasers (low level) to help speed up healing. Laser therapy is mainly used to reduce pain, inflammation as well as fatigue. Next, we will look at ultrasound therapy where a wand is used to create sound waves that are quite high pitched. This is done to improve circulation within your body as well as generate heat inside of your body’s connective tissues. This particular therapy is also good for speeding up the recovery of your ligaments.

Physical exercise is another widely used treatment method which is mainly used for preventing injuries. Physical therapist led exercise is a great way to strengthen your muscles and even get rid of any muscular imbalances you may have. It can also help to reduce physical pain. Hydrotherapy is one particular type of exercise that many physical therapists use that is quite effective in improving health and well being.

Electrical stimulation is another type of physical therapy where electrical stimulation is applied to your body. This is done to stimulate movement and contraction in muscles that have gone mostly dormant. This type of therapy is done in persons who have gone through very traumatic accidents where they lost movement or most of the movement in particular limbs. To wrap things up, these are some of the most popular types of physical therapy Virginia Beach treatments. The type of treatment that your physical therapist would use on you would depend heavily on your physical issues and goals.