Four Tips For Taking Care Of Your HVAC Portland Unit


Home is where you stay and spend time with your loved ones. So, if you have an HVAC unit, you definitely feel more relaxed because of the excellent airflow you have. Check this article and see you can take good care of your air conditioning unit for your utmost benefit.

  1. Changing The Filters

The last time you changed your HVAC Portland filter will determine the current condition of your unit. A disposable filter keeps the system clean and takes away large particles through indoor airflow. Always make it a goal to change the filter at once every one to three months. When you have an allergy, or you keep a pet at home, try replacing the filters more frequently. When your house has an air purification system, just follow the manual’s instructions to maintain the filters. Besides, some ductless systems require cleaning of the filters.

  1. Cleaning The Condensing Unit

Most of the air conditioning units have outdoor heat pumps or condensers. These disperse heat during the hot season. With the metal fins found on the heat pump, there is clogging of dirt, grime, and pollen. Thus, you must spray the condensing unit with water to clean it once every season. But, never use pressure water when cleaning it because it permanently damages the unit.

  1. Inspecting And Creating Outdoor Clearance

You must get rid of overgrown vegetation or leaves on your HVAC Portland unit. This will interfere with your outdoor unit. More so, you may trim the trees or bushes, so the unit has a proper clearance of about two feet. Keep eyes to those bushes giving excessive pollen, which may clog up your condensing unit.

  1. Checking The Evaporator Coil, Drainpipe And Drain Pan

Be sure to know where your drain pipe is. The system’s drainpipe must be clear from blockages and buildups. You may use a wet-dry vacuum to suction plugged spots and bleach them to clean the area. When you have clogged drains, frequent breakdowns may occur. So make sure always to unclog these to avoid fixings. If you need it, you may install a ceiling saver or protective switch for preventing damage leaks on your air conditioning unit and home.

Additional Tip: Calling a Professional For Maintenance

When it is too much work for you to maintain your HVAC Portland unit, do not hesitate to call a professional to accomplish the job. You may ask for a preventive maintenance service to avoid future damages. Well, in case damage is already there, a professional technician is the best one to give a solution for that.


There you have them. These tips will help you as long as you follow them appropriately. Enjoy using your HVAC Portland unit at its maximum potential.